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Power Steering Mods. June 2018

The F 250 has come a long way since I got it. But there's still a lot to do.

It is almost June 2018 and weather is warming up. Time to begin upgrading the manual steering for the 67 Ford F250.

I have the steering column removed. And the power steering gear is installed. The 68-72 model year Ford power steering gear 45-1021-Z bought from LMC Truck went in easily after cutting a bit of the motor mount perch away. The angle and distance to the firewall and stock steering column position changed due to the larger size of the 68-72 gear.

A 3/4 inch 36 spline to 3/4 inch DD universal SUM-760667 is available from Summit Racing to replace the rag joint. Turns out the steering column tube needs to be shortened by a couple inches. The steering shaft also needs to be shortened when cutting the male DD on the end of the stock 67 manual steering shaft.

The steering column / firewall mount plate needs to be modified / changed. Since the 68-72 gear input shaft is at a higher position and a couple inches closer to the firewall. The angle changes a few degrees. The best bet is just to fabricate a new plate.

I also ordered the 1968 power steering linkage from LMC Truck to allow un-obstructed movement of the linkage through the control arms. A matching power steering gear pitman arm 45-2216 from LMC Truck is also needed since the arm from the original manual steering gear will not fit the 68-72 Ford power steering gear.

Last but not least, I will need to install and connect the later model year Saginaw power steering pump. I have pump, mounting brakcket, hoses and hardware. Available as Kit BWS 2750FE from Benchworks Steering. It will be a great day when the power steering conversion is finished.

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Posted June 2018

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